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by Ar. Akshay Selukar, Bhopal, India

Built-up: 8000 Sq ft up

Design Team: Akshay Selukar Architects

It’s almost a cliché: The dream of a little chalet where we can get away from it all, find peace, and spend time with family, all while communing with nature and ultimately ourselves. What we picture in those dreams, however, turns out to be far less universal.

This hotel is very close to the above description. Hotel Pandav retreat located in Pachmarhi is a new tourist destination which is the most loved place in MP. The property is designed on classical lines and has all modern luxury features; with 13 rooms and two restaurants. Every corner of this property recites a different story,

The interior blends with the architecture of the hotel and every room is a different experience to stay in. Machan- the rooftop; where all the magic is done by nature, I am sure it offers the best view of Pachmarhi. An amazing merging of nature and built form.

The design and architectural elements that have survived the years are surely elevated in this newly constructed hotel as it includes breezeways and verandas, and open–plan layouts that celebrate communal living and allow multiple generations to interact.

As he says “Luxury is when it seems Flawless when you reach the right balance between all elements and understand theatricality - That is what my Luxury is all about

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