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Ar. Sunil Maniramka, Kolkata , India

Design Team: Maniramka & Associates

The brief of the project was to design an “all-inclusive housing complex exclusively for NRI’s to make them feel “at home” when they return to Kolkata. The client was very particular that the project should match global standards in terms of design and facility at the same time as design and facility Indian in a context in terms of material finish. A huge central landscape area was also included as a part of the project along with an executive apartment, senior citizen quarters, a full flagged club, and a retail building with their separate facilities, amenities, and privacy.

The site is situated at the junction of 2 roads, approx 10 km from Kolkata airport at New Town on 16 acres of vegetation-free land. The predominantly flat site with no slope and vegetation had open fields in the vicinity on all sides with virtually no development.

As the site was at the junction of two busy roads, the entry to the residential complex was planned along the side having less traffic. As the length of the site was 400m it was imperative to have all buildings within equal walking distance from the main entrance. Thus the main entrance of the site was made in the center of the longer axis on the east side. The building object of the project was to create a varying mix of apartment areas to create two different luxury segments starting from 1700 sq. ft. star apartments. This ensures different ticket sizes of the apartments without compromising in luxury.

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